About Us

Our Vision

Excellence education for all : Comprehensive education for holistic development of individual personality with a human touch and global outlook A non judgmental environment which natures motivates and stimulates development of mind An emphasis on essential life –skills including social research , innovation, communication and self management skill.

Our Mission

At the NAYA UJALA SOCIAL FOUNDATION – students are encouraged to learn and value- Self discipline moral development social development and abdicates cultural development self –discipline Global perspective preservation of environment NAYA UJALA SOCIAL FOUNDATION- Aim to provide best education in a safe , secure and healthy environment to develop society strength and prosperity and helping to children’s to develop natural talent (sports, music, dance, Art etc)

Our philosophy

The Basic fact is that students fail to learn because no one , ever thought them how to identity the barriers and how to overcome those barriers . What are these barriers to learning? “We choose to excel , not to compete” Within the heart of every child is an instinctive desire to be good , to grow to learn , to work, to love and achieve We the NAYA UJALA SOCIAL FOUNDATION – Impart education that stimulates thought, develops self reliance and leads to a delight in whatever is fair in nature.

Our Motto

To arm students with essential knowledge and skill for living , and in particular the ability and confidence to study, understand and apply. The power of the human will is dynamic; it is of such force that nothing can stand against if when one is determined to do something “The flowers of all tomorrow are in the seeds of today” To instill in all students the ability to communicate freely and confidently , competence , confidence in themselves , industriousness, responsibility, tolerance and a moral and ethical compass Other Aims Of the organization are to Ensure that all students are happy throughout their time, feeling enthusiastic about life having developed new friendships and gained a sense of achievement in an ethical, highly productivity andv motivated environment Deliver of primary education level a formal ,broad education focusing on literacy and numeracy as well as introducing children to the study technology. In the senior level move over into tailor made academic study for each student so that individuals are enhanced and encouraged to blossom more. To achieve ambitions in careers of their choice and to follow their interst I go to work every day knowing they are in the best hands, just like home They LOVE study – They learn have to study without much effort’

We Belive In

  • Allowing children to make mistakes encouraging self – learning Creative , out of the box thinking
  • The combination of the above is what will create the thought leaders and problem solves of tomorrow

We Belive In

Naya Ujala social Foundation has a particular focus on encouraging students to demonstrate strong creative skill, in writing , art work , supporting them to be as articulate as possible , to listen carefully and contribute well when asked.

Subjects Knowledge

Naya Ujala Social Foundation – Teachers show good subject knowledge have high expection of adding value relative to the individual students they are teaching.


Yearly ,monthly and weekly planning will be done in advance to achieve all – round development through emphasis on presentation , project work and team building Curriculum concentrate on creative Arts, Life science Maths and language skills Hard working ,dedicated , motivated and qualified staff shall run the program Our curriculum is also theme based and designed to develop a love for learning so that students starts taking a teen initiative in their own studies We follow the technique of "SMART learning"


NAYA UJALA SOCIAL FOUNDATION provides all facilities to make your child a genius of future under the wise motherly care of our teachers. Education through disciple, through love and intrinsic motivation Qualified Teachers to love and teach your child to walk towards wisdom open and spacious environment to promote learning Modern educational techniques for intellectual development For developing special skill in mathematics

The different parts of the social

A part from the conveying of essential knowledge and skills for living , the priceless ability and confidence to study , understand and apply any subject , and an environment in which children of all ages are encouraged to communicate freely and confidentely , of Naya Ujala Social Foundation we strive to ensure that all students are happy throughout their time at the school and graduate feeling enthusiastic about life, having developed new friendships and gained A sense of achievement in an ethical , highly productive and motivated environment

Our Talented staff

Our staff members are highly qualified , talented and experienced They have ample knowledge and experience to understand child psychology